NERVENET Introduction

Imagine if you could communicate remotely not just with sound and vision but using all of your senses – touch, smell, taste, … ( Sense ). Imagine if you could record your complete experiences, not just the sounds and the light around you, but also the smell, the touch, the taste and the excitement of every moment. Imagine if you could play it back to yourself or share it with others. What if you were able to enhance all of your senses a thousand times?  What if you don’t have to travel to have a complete experience from an important business meeting or enjoy your distant family? What if you could experience the flight of an eagle as an eagle?

The goal of the NERVENET project is to enable all of these and thousands of other applications. The possibilities are truly limitless. With NERVENET we will cross the last millimeter of the digital network located between the skin and the nerve system inside of our body. With the developed technology, we will be able directly to connect to the human peripheral and central nervous systems. Developing this human-machine interface will allow us to record, manipulate and replay nerve signals. The developed technology will bring the lives of people with medical problems back to normal. It will make an amputee feel no different than any other person.

NERVENET project will go through three major stages:

Stage oneIn vitro experiments. This stage will allow us to gain experience with nerve signals in a controlled environment and develop the necessary software and hardware for signal manipulation

Stage twoIn vivo testing. This stage will allow us to develop and connect to implantable sensors and verify our technology in leaving organisms. With the success of this stage, we will enable remote communication between organisms which will leapfrog many steps of their natural evolution.

Stage threeIn vivo clinical trials. This final stage will allow us to complete our platform and open it for application developers and mass deployment.

We rely on cutting-edge technology in networking, signal processing, chip design, big data analytics, network and systems management and automation. We are developing a complete platform containing multiple hardware and software modules. We are partnering with the leading university and commercial institutions working in physiology, biosensors, nanotechnology and other complementary areas.

NERVENET is the next huge step forward in communications, media, human-machine interface and humanity.

If you are interested to contribute to the project please send email to

Singularity is near…


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